Welcome to The Narrative Advocate Fiction Magazine

When we release our first issue in April 2017, we'll place an image of the front cover here. Until then, hang in there, folks!

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We're pretty new, so check back when we release our first issue in April 2017!

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Submission Guidelines

At The Narrative Advocate, we know your stories and even the inspiration for such matter to you. Even so, we have guidelines (after all, all literary magazines do). Besides, what's a literary magazine without guidelines? So here below are our guidelines.

Other Things to Consider

Please keep in mind the following:

How to Submit Your Work

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To make things simple and convenient (and not to mention good for the environment and all), The Narrative Advocate is only available in PDF format.

A one-year subscription (four quarterly issues) is $10, and each individual issue is $3.

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About The Narrative Advocate

The Narrative Advocate Fiction Magazine is a quarterly publication which publishes fiction four times a year.

Why is it so named? Well, it's quite simple, really. Being a writer is so rare, it's almost become taboo to so much as talk about being one let alone just being one. It's almost as if fiction writers themselves need someone to advocate for them. Thus, The Narrative Advocate seeks to be a magazine where writers can relax and just write the stories that matter to them. It is our hope that each quarterly issue will be jam-packed with loads of fiction.

While we'd love to accept all works, we do have standards as to what we'll accept for publication in our magazine. Please view them carefully. While we can't guarantee that every story submitted to us will be published, we can guarantee that each issue will be crammed with as much fiction as 40 pages will hold (that is, with advertising thrown in for good measure—BTW, we also have guidelines for ads submitted to us).

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